Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shoes and Society Wedding...

I still have to wait over two weeks but I am SO over excited about a Welsh society wedding I've got to attend.  Nicky and James are hosting a huge wedding of over two hundred guests.  It's a special wedding because Nicky and James are 'kind of' child-hood sweet-hearts, we all went to primary and high school together!  The wedding is reminiscent of 'Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion,' they'll be some old faces I haven't seen since I left!   

I have to look my best and working in shoes means I started my wedding outfit planning based on the shoes first.  I decided on patent black butterfly shoes from the Aruna Seth collection!  Classic, sexy shoes with a subtle bit of bling!  This wedding is hugely important and I've spent quite a bit of time deciding (Aruna think's too much time) on the outfit.  The shoes have been matched with a classic black and white dress from mine and Aruna's new favourite store Sandro.  I've extravagently had a new black and white jacket sent over from Italy especially for the occasion!  Everything down to the last detail is being carefully coordinated from the black fascinator I'm waiting to be delivered, pearl earrings, a black frilly umbrella in case it rains and the 'bling' on my Bvlgari sunglasses to match my Seth's in case the sun's shining!  The outfit will be polished off with a crystal Aruna Seth Swarovski handbag...
Aruna Seth Farfalla black patent butterfly shoes

New dress from Sandro and jacket from Pinko!

The happy couple - Nicky & James...

My new Aruna Seth bag!

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